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Electro Straitjacket Exposure, Part Two

A securely-bound, legs spread, straitjacketed Rachel Greyhound remains quite interesting to Elise Graves. She can not resist continuing to play with Rachel further. Continuing her electrical pussy torment - and adding an intense vibrator to torment Rachel’s metal-clad clit. Elise is well-aware that a powerful vibrator on the clit can stimulate as well as torment, depending on whether it pinches the skin or not. Elise holds her hand steady and gives Rachel the control - knowing full well that Rachel would be desperate for more pussy pressure and, thus, pinch her delicate bits. Elise eventually removes the pussy clamp and attacks Rachel’s clit with the Celebrator in full, causing Rachel to scream and squirt! Elise then makes Rachel orgasm several times, encouraging Rachel to push her electrical beads out of her pussy, bringing along with them a nice selection of thick, viscous pussy fluids. Elise is pleased with her work. (Note: due to the nature of this being a live recording, the camera work is not exactly the greatest. I have included some camera movement so that the general feel of the scene was not lost. I do not think it’s too terrible, but wanted to mention it.)

Date: August 30, 2021

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