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Electro Straitjacket Exposure, Part One

There is a lot to like about Rachel Greyhound. She is very submissive and open to anything. Wide open. Elise wanted to manifest in a physical way Rachel’s receptiveness, so she places Rachel in a No Escape straitjacket and ballet boots and attaches her to a small bed with her knees spread open with handcuffs, attached firmly to either side of the bed. The openness of Rachel’s legs makes what comes next possible. Elise inserts electrical balls into Rachel’s pussy. She knows that Rachel will soon be getting a shock, so Elise wants to make sure this electrical insert remains in place, so Elise chooses to clamp both of Rachel’s outer pussy lips with a special Steelwerks pussy clamp, which leaves a small space for Rachel’s clit to protrude. And protrude it does! Rachel’s clit is there for the taking! With all this electrical and clit attention, Rachel is soon screaming, so Elise adds a dental gag into Rachel’s mouth, and jacks it wide open too. Soon, Rachel is a wiggling mess of moaning, suffering and generally unintelligible noise.

Date: August 30, 2021

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