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When Elise Met Greyhound

When I first met Greyhound, I was blown away by her commitment to the 24/7 slave lifestyle.  I had never met anyone so willing to be owned by another before.  Although I do not share that particular kink with Greyhound, our kinks overlap quite a bit - in bondageland!  Having traveled alongside Mark from Serious Bondage to visit Greyhound, we had some fun gear with us, and so I had to see what this Greyhound could do!  Fitting an extremely tight rubber hood, complete with only two small nose holes, onto Greyhound’s head, as well as rubber mitts, I led Greyhound by her nipples to a bondage platform in her own house.  Greyhound’s statuesque body is a sight to behold - and I desired to put her on display.  Locking her into a rigid metal fiddle attached to a chain, Greyhound was now restrained, but not restricted enough.  Using two locks, I secured her into a squatting position, resulting in some taxation to Greyhound’s legs.  This is when I explored her lovely pussy and ass with my flogger and my hands.  I am very happy to have met Greyhound, and hope to do so again soon. Additional images included in the ZIP download

Date: August 30, 2021

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