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Fantasy Comes to Life

Roderick Grey is very excited to play with Elise Graves.  And quite frankly, after seeing Roderick’s playful and willing attitude, Elise was happy for the same. Dressed in rubber from head to toe, Roderick is locked into a metal bondage chair with his genitals and nipples exposed to Elise.  His wrists are locked behind his back in heavy handcuffs.  His cock is very hard from the get go.  He is excited.  Elise needs a bit more warming up, and so she decides to place a metal rope around Roderick’s neck, as to control his neck and head from moving.  This turns her on a bit.  So she then turns on the power to some vibration and electricity that stimulates Roderick’s prostate.  This also is working for Elise and she begins to get quite turned on herself.  Seeing Roderick’s super rock hard dick excites Elise and compels her to relentlessly tease Roderick with a lubed-up rubber gloved hand, stroking at his cock for what seems like ever.  Roderick is in heavenly bondage bliss.  Exactly where Elise wants him.  Good times 😃

Date: August 30, 2021

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