BDSM » Bbw » Deviant Delivery: Kristen Scott Gets Holiday Torment at Home
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Deviant Delivery: Kristen Scott Gets Holiday Torment at Home

It’s Christmas morning and Kristen Scott is at home, starting their day with some coffee and a festive, jovial spirit. When it’s time to open presents, the first gift turns out to be a sexy, red nightie. Kristen tries it on right away! Suddenly, there’s an unexpected knock at the door…and a very special Christmas delivery! The delivery man is asked to come in for coffee, and at first, things get a little uncomfortable for him, until he turns the tables… Kristen’s tied up and put at the mercy of the delivery guy. First, sitting in a chair in the middle of the living room, Kristen is helpless as the intruder rummages through everything in the house, looking for the perfect implements with which to torment his sexy captive. Once the delivery guy is ready, Kristen’s gagged, clamped, electrified, and made to cum with wild intensity! But our lucky delivery guy’s just getting warmed up. Next, he enjoys Kristen’s gorgeous body with some traditional over-the-knee spankings. After exploring that perfect pussy, and making Kristen cum even more, he’s ready to change things up a bit. He puts Kristen is on their back, legs spread, and a cat-o-nine tails is introduced. The strikes against Kristen’s skin are intense and stinging, but their cravings seem to be insatiable. Orgasm after orgasm are ripped from Kristen’s dripping pussy, and their entire body trembles with relentless intensity. Finally, when the delivery guy has taken all he wants, he leaves Kristen tied up, able to reflect on what has clearly been the best Christmas ever!

Date: August 25, 2021

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