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CASINO RIVERA (Part 2 of 2)

Kitty and Carmen are two tired barmaids closing a casino, annoyed to see a late-leaving customer gambling away his last money at a slot machine. In order to get him to leave, and afraid that he’s a liar and cheat they challenge him to a game of slots, where if they win, he has to do whatever they ask. The customer immediately starts losing more, pawns his clothes, and is playing naked! This scene is just too much for the barmaids, so they take the rules of the game in a…different…direction. The “Looza” is aggressively slapped in the face and told that he is will now be servicing Kitty and Carmen’s pleasure as he continues to spend his money. As he continues to feed the slot of the slot machine with banknotes, barmaid Kitty fills her own slot with his greedy, pathetic, tongue. The slots keep spinning as barmaid Carmen gets involved, and the machine that is Carmen’s legendary body turns up “Fellatio 69.” It’s the biggest jackpot with the hottest reward in the casino! But…t gets even better. Barmaid Carmen takes control of this slut’s slot for her own game, one where she stuffs him deep, long, thick, hard, and lustfully for multiple plays. Turning his buttons the right way, it’s not long before they get the winning jackpot of cum splashed all over Kitty’s tits! The casino’s big loser is now the night’s LUCKY 777 winner!

Date: November 19, 2021

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