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Golden Drink

Libor Kenda is in bed with a very sexy girl. As the cover is removed Libor’s big, hard cock and hot body is displayed. The girl grabs his cock and wank it. She then leaves Libor alone and he grabs his tablet and pulls up some hot porn to watch as he wanks. It is gay porn that has him so very hard. As he gets turned on he also finds some toys to suck on before he starts to finger his hole. He gets two fingers deep in his hole and then shoves a butt plug in. He works his hole with the plug and then replaces that with a thick dildo. The girl comes back and through the doorway watches, horrified. She confronts Libor and is mollified somewhat as he pleasures her as she likes. But she hasn’t forgotten and is soon working his hole with the butt plug, and spanking his hot ass. She takes him to another room and ties his hands as she continues to spank his filled ass. Keeping up the action she gags his mouth, open and also whips his. She then has him relieve himself into a jug and pours herself a nice glass of the hot liquid. She drinks some and then passes the glass to Libor who shoots his hot cum into the remaining fluids. Again she drinks it and then turns the tables on Libor, as she squirts into the glass and makes him drink her juice. Then to finish she has Libor lay on the floor to wank himself to another cumshot, which she licks off his belly. Then they both go off to the shower.

Date: November 11, 2021

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