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This is What Hard Use Looks Like

Charlie Ann, a sweet little freckle-faced cutie is back. We keep things real simple for this one. We bend Charlie over with her hands and neck in a hanging wooden stock. Her ankles are spread wide, and we put chain under her feet to fuck with her. We shove a gag in her mouth and tie blackout goggles on tight. We clamp her nipples and tie them to her big toes for a little predicament. And then, we go to town on that sweet little ass sticking out in the air unprotected. We ruddy up those cheeks with a leather paddle. We sting her ass and pussy with a horsehair flogger. We break out the cane, the cat ‘o nine tails, the rubber flogger and we hit her ass hard. The unrelenting barrage of different extreme sensations, all while blindfolded builds up some crazy energy in Charlie. When we’re done with the punishment we finger bang one hell of an orgasm out of that wet pussy. Charlie’s mind is pretty much gone by the end of the scene, leaving her a snot, cum, and drool covered mess.

Date: August 29, 2021

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